Google, Apple and AT&T Oh My!


    The Players Start To Get Involved In Another Industry

    If there is one thing that we all hate it’s those awful automated calls that try to tempt us with the usual “Congratulations you’ve been approved for a 500k dollar loan”… I would sincerely appreciate the bold attention grabbing statement if it was coming from a human and not the same automated womens voice every time. This new venture hasn’t been met without skepticism, the big players aren’t getting involved because their hearts are so incredibly big that they just jump at any opportunity to give back. In fact having two of the biggest companies completely corner this industry is a scary thought and giving them more personal data is the last thing that anyone wants… Robocalls are more than an annoyance. They’re a threat. Scammers, identity thieves, and other unsavory types use them to target victims. One particularly enterprising band of low-lifes even posed as IRS agents to pilfer $26.5 million from people. “Americans are fed up,” says Federal Communications Commission boss Tom Wheeler. “Robocalls are a scourge. It’s the number one complaint that we hear from consumers on a daily basis.”

    To address those complaints, Apple, Alphabet (you know—the folks who own Google), AT&T, Comcast and other tech companies are joining an FCC task force charged with ending the scourge of automated pre-recorded telemarketing calls.

    The Federal Trade Commission established the national “Do Not Call Registry” in 2003 specifically to solve this problem. But voice over internet protocol technology made it cheap and easy for scammers operating beyond the US to make long-distance calls that appear to be coming from within the country. Yes, the same tech that makes it easy for you to have a free Google Voice number makes it equally easy for hucksters and thieves to pester you at dinner.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m first to raise my hand at the opportunity to argue with a telemarketer just to make their job more difficult but it’s just hard to stomach that this is really a good thing. Take Google for instance, most marketers know that their RTB “Real Time Bidding” CPC systems is riddled with click fraud. It begs the question, why focus on the cleansing process of other industries when yours is far from spotless…


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